Rebels with a cause

We’re a collective of individuals who like to do things our way. A trail run junkie who follows no set route. A gym and paddleboard disciple who loves the great outdoors and indoors. And a Nike design chief with an eye for the alternative. We didn’t like the set genres for activewear. We loved to exercise but hated the clothes. So we dismantled the template and started afresh.

We are the outsiders, the unformulaic, the originals. Our sports clothes are as fit for the bar as they are a run. They’re made to fit you, not the other way around. Tops, bottoms and the rest, that give you the edge as well as the expertise.

We’ve all got an inner Rockstar. Don’t pack it away when you head out. Stop posing. Start moving…your way. Unstoppable style that won’t toe the line. Run like a rebel. Sweat like a legend. Jump like a punk. Don’t be a sheep. Be a Rockstar.

Disruptive design

Call us renegade, but we’re on a mission to blow up the rulebook and free up the format. You talk, we listen.

We find out what our #rungang actually want and need, then we take it to the next level. Fusing the highest industry experience with the real-life blood sweat and tears of our wearers. The result is design that strikes a chord with real people… and clothes that truly kick ass.

Unconventional testing

Ultra-marathon trail run around Mont Blanc? Extreme hill climb spin class? Cliff jump into the Blue Lagoon? We don’t leave it to robots. We test the gear in action. So you know that just like you, Rockstar clothes never quit.

Calling all mavericks

#rungang is our call sign for free spirits who are fierce about fitness. We wander where the Wi-Fi is weak. We give pink Lycra the middle finger. We accept our flaws but never fail. We feel awesome in our own skin, whatever shape or size we are. We are the outlaws of the outdoors, the mavericks on the move, the runners gone rogue. Come one, come all.