Welcome to the new look Rockstar Sports® website. As we leave behind a tough year for all in 2020, we look forward to a much better year in 2021.  What better way to shake off the pandemic blues than to experience the joy of running.

We at Rockstar Sports® can enhance that experience for you with our well-designed, high-quality shorts, T-shirts and accessories. They are superbly designed for you by a leading sportswear designer with many years of experience working for top sportswear brands. 

Here are some genuine comments from satisfied customers on our Facebook page during 2020: 

“I pretty much live in my T-shirts”. “Absolutely the best material to run in.” “Perfect to run in, perfect for a work-out and perfect to chill in too.” 

“The shorts are the best. A firm favourite of mine.” “Super lightweight and very comfortable in the heat”. “50 miles run in them last week and zero issues”.  

“Love these shorts!!!” “Can’t recommend enough”. 

The team at Rockstar Sports® are all keen runners. Our goal is to provide sportswear which will work for you. While our focus is on running, our gear is also great for the gym or for other sporting activities or just for casual wear.

The shorts and T -shirts both carry our stylish Rockstar Sports® logo in the shape of a flying letter R.  The women’s T-shirt also features our popular Run Gang®  slogan while the men’s T-shirt carries a unique design by a leading French graphic designer combining the classic “rock hand” symbol with a running shoe. 

You may not be able to go to parties or rock concerts during the Covid restrictions but you can still get outdoors and enjoy yourself by running. So get yourself some good kit and go for it!